Conscious Carpentry

Contractors LTD

Conscious Carpentry Contractors LTD, was founded by Nicholas Adams in 2015 before being made into a limited company in 2020. They now have a growing workforce and do not have any plans of slowing down in the near future.

We aim to be the Carpentry Contractor of choice for the best of UK national house builders specialising in small, medium and large scale construction sites throughout the South including London, Dorset, Hampshire and the surrounding areas. Aligning ourselves to the vision of our clients, we are capable of achieving the most demanding of schedules and specifications, whilst going above and beyond for our clients and our workforce involved to insure the best of work has been completed.

Our compliance assessed workforce maintain consistently high standards of workmanship through on the job training, regular tool box talks, weekly meetings amongst our carpenters and management team. We at Conscious Carpentry are making unprecedented changes to the way subcontractors are managed and looked after, as we know they are the driving force of our company and construction homes.


Our depth of knowledge and experience in Carpentry includes 1st Fix, 2nd fix and Finals. We are completely confident in our companies structure and our product that we deliver to perfection- unrivalled carpentry works completed to the highest of quality on time. Driven by Honesty, Integretity, Loyalty and Commitment.





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